We live in a world where the idea of “stranger danger,” is taught to us at an early age.  From the moment we gain any sense of independence we are engrained with the thought that anyone we don’t know is, in fact, strange and a threat. We learn to question any car that slows down near us or any unfamiliar face- even if they’re simply asking how our day is.  While the intentions are there to protect us, in many cases, I believe, it is harming us and humanity as a whole.  This mindset limits the opportunity to truly experience life and the beauty of the people behind it all.

Having always been a curious individual, I struggled with this mindset.  From the moment I learned to talk, I always found myself wanting to know more. As a child, I would climb the fence in my backyard, curious about the lady next door. She eventually earned the title “the Grandma-next-door,” through sharing her amazing stories, and unlimited supply of cookies and milk with me.  These cherished relationships further developed my love of connecting with people in my youth.  Overtime, I learned to value the attribute that may be perceived as strange or different, as an individual’s uniqueness.

I want to shed light on the individuality that I see with other people through my art.  I want people to hear the stories beyond the brief smiles and small talk they encounter on a daily basis. 

My camera allows me to capture the stories far beyond what is seen on the surface level.  It is my tool to see the light during a time when many have begun to question themselves and society as a whole.

This process encourages me to see every aspect in life through a more compassionate and creative lens. Whether it is the man you pass by at the corner store every evening or cracks in the cement that “will break your mother’s back.” These stories are what motivate me as an artist. They are what make even the dreariest day a bit more colorful and it is my goal as an artist to bring that color to life.